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We Continue To See Women Trained
Our Coordinators are traveling to villages on the border of Bihar, India and Uttar Pradesh to set up yet another project to train rural women in tailoring thanks to you!

Electricity Still A Problem In The Country Of Nepal
There is a 16 hour load sharing scheme in place in the country. This means that for 8 hours each night there is NO power. And at least for 8 hours each day. Be mindful

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Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies
Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies
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Imagine you're a doctor or nurse, with the skills and training to save lives. A child comes to you, desperately weak and sick, but you have no medicine for that child. Every day in clinics around the world, health workers face this tragedy. It grieves them to turn away mothers who have walked for hours to bring their sick and dying children for medical care ó because they do not have basic medicines and supplies needed to help them. They are pleading with us for help.  Globalgifts Projects supplies the needs for rural poor in many areas of the Himalayan Mountain Range.  We also assist in key medical needs for those coming into the mail cities for care.  The vast majority of these men, women, and children will come from the persecuted and struggling classes.