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We Continue To See Women Trained
Our Coordinators are traveling to villages on the border of Bihar, India and Uttar Pradesh to set up yet another project to train rural women in tailoring thanks to you!

Electricity Still A Problem In The Country Of Nepal
There is a 16 hour load sharing scheme in place in the country. This means that for 8 hours each night there is NO power. And at least for 8 hours each day. Be mindful

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Seeds, Tools, and Training in Himalayas
Seeds, Tools, and Training in Himalayas
Help out! $75.00 - or fill in your most generous gift.

Teach a man to fish ~ you've heard the phrase before.  At our Globalgift Projects we do more than talk and those who receive deserve our help.  They are those who have been chosen by local groups of those most likely to succeed in a new venture.  Many will in turn take profits and assist with others who are struggling "recycling" a portion of the profits.  Everyday is a fight for survival.

Your gift today will multiply in impact to help seed an opportunity for a deserving family.  You'll also provide tools like watering cans, hoes, machetes, and more to help them grow a good harvest in the rural area and small shop opportunities in the city districts.
MicroEnterprise Start
MicroEnterprise Start
Donate Today! $100.00 - or fill in your most generous gift.

To help lift people out of poverty, the Barnabas GlobalGifts projects develope strategies that are relevant to the local populous and encourage economic independence. From food vending to bicycle repair shops, new trades are springing the shackles of poverty from families in developing countries. Our goal is that the poorest families and minorities who are persecuted can learn new skills, receiving small-business gifts, and launching a small enterprise to sustain their own living.

What can a business start give to a family?†Whether it's a woodworking room that makes furniture, a tea shop by the road, a watch repair business or a bicycle repair facility, believers in Asia are anxious to provide for their own needs.†Just like you and me, they have needy families and daily pressures that must be met.†It can be the difference between having just enough and overt poverty.†What an investment!†

A business start in Asia can cost as little as $60 to $150.†In most countries in Asia, lack of credit combined with an unstable economy creates the climate of hopelessness and despair.†With sponsors like you, men and women can begin work that will improve their family's lives, provide regular meals and send their children to school.†They only want the opportunity.†It's amazing to realize the power of a small gift.††In many countries where GlobalGifts has worked, people make less than $400 per year.†
MicroEnterprise Tailoring
MicroEnterprise Tailoring
Donate Now! $150.00 - or fill in your most generous gift.

It is incredible that for $150 you can give a man a trade he can take anywhere.  From our perspective here in the West, sewing belongs to ladies.  We generally don't see it as a viable trade.  NO so in Nepal or India.  Men trained in sewing and tailoring who develop good skills can find work nearly anywhere.  You will find them in their own business shops, near the marketplace or even at the crossings of two roads where people travel - just like this man above.

Our projects have trained both men and women in several countries.  Aftera rigorous training period, those who show the most aptitude can receive an industrial grade sewing machine.  It will bring hope dignity, and give a man an opportunity to feed his family.  What an investment!