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We Continue To See Women Trained
Our Coordinators are traveling to villages on the border of Bihar, India and Uttar Pradesh to set up yet another project to train rural women in tailoring thanks to you!

Electricity Still A Problem In The Country Of Nepal
There is a 16 hour load sharing scheme in place in the country. This means that for 8 hours each night there is NO power. And at least for 8 hours each day. Be mindful

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At the tender age of eleven and twelve, all these
little girls want to do is please their parents.

   They aren't as valued as a boy to the family and there is an incredible pressure on them to be of worth to the family.  This is what makes them prime targets for the deception.

   It is estimated that each month in Nepal, between 5000 and 7000 young mountain girls are deceived into thinking they will have jobs as cooks and housecleaners by unscrupulous agents, only to be sold into the brothels of India where young Nepali girls bring a high price.

   In these brothels they will experience hell on earth and a life of sex-slavery.  As a young girl of fourteen or fifteen they will be expected to service as many as twenty (20) clients a day.  You can help us stop the unchecked abuse of these young girls!

  The Globalgifts Project to aid in stopping this abuse is called "Save The Daughters.
"   Help our team as they erect watch stations at the major border crossings of the country.  Be a part of their effort as they watch, identify, counsel, and save young girls from crossing the border into a life of slavery.  Help them go to the bus stops and train stations each early morning and late evening and search for likely victims in order to offer them a picture of what is really awaiting them in India.  Be a part ~ join our efforts!

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Border Watch Assistance "Sammana Gaasti"
Border Watch Assistance "Sammana Gaasti"
Help Out $75.00 - or fill in your most generous gift.

Join hands and empower our staff to live and work on the high traffic area of the borders of Nepal and India.  They will spend upward of 12 hours a day in two shifts watching, guarding, and attempting to rescue and counsel young girls deceived into a life of pain and anguish. $75 helps one of our staff for a month!