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We Continue To See Women Trained
Our Coordinators are traveling to villages on the border of Bihar, India and Uttar Pradesh to set up yet another project to train rural women in tailoring thanks to you!

Electricity Still A Problem In The Country Of Nepal
There is a 16 hour load sharing scheme in place in the country. This means that for 8 hours each night there is NO power. And at least for 8 hours each day. Be mindful

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   Thank you for showing interest in GlobalGifts by Barnabas. I'm Ken Harbour, President.
Through your donations, we are able to help hungry children and orphans in the Himalaya Mountain Range and North India with basic necessities that we ourselves can take for granted. Things like food, clothing, shelter, and even an education are several things that cost us pennies but are worth a fortune to those in need. And they are provided in a family atmosphere of love and compassion.

   Your donations allow us to provide helpless widows and the persecuted communities with ways they can empower themselves. We provide tailoring training to the motivated, water for small villages, medical assistance, livestock husbandry projects, micro-enterprise income producing opportunities, and more to the struggling.

   We assist in the rescue of young Nepali girls from those who would abduct and sell them to the horrible sex-trafficking trade. We also pioneered Teams of men and women to go to rural areas to research the best way to empower the destitute and to encourage and lift them from a life of despair.

    In time of crisis, donated funds help us send them extra food, blankets, and health care to ensure the livelihood of the communities we assist. As you can see, we work to help our planet's children live as close as possible to a normal life. Every bit you donate helps bring a smile to a child's face or a mother and fathers heart, and that alone is worth everything.