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We Continue To See Women Trained
Our Coordinators are traveling to villages on the border of Bihar, India and Uttar Pradesh to set up yet another project to train rural women in tailoring thanks to you!

Electricity Still A Problem In The Country Of Nepal
There is a 16 hour load sharing scheme in place in the country. This means that for 8 hours each night there is NO power. And at least for 8 hours each day. Be mindful

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Transforming The World One Gift At A Time

Globalgifts Projects are truly unique among agencies working in this select part of Asia.  We are part of a non-profit agency working among the poor and persecuted, emphasizing the quality of our impact rather than emphasizing the fund-raising side of the service. As we focus on the geography of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges encompassing Nepal, North India and others, Globalgifts Projects are working to empower men and women in their fight against poverty and oppression.

You Can Change A Life Forever

In countries where the average yearly income is less than $400 your gift can make significant difference. It can be a business start, a deep well, a sewing machine, a water buffalo or goat. Maybe it will be enough rice to live for three to six months or medical help. It will be powerful. Women and Children will work long hours daily at menial tasks just to have rice and lentils to eat. Many minorities are treated like slaves in some village workhouses, and the low-caste, especially the Christian community, face terrible prospects

Where Most Needed Veterans Assistance
Where Most Needed
Help out! $100.00
Veterans Assistance
Our Price: $60.00
MicroEnterprise Start Disaster Relief
MicroEnterprise Start
Donate Today! $100.00 - or fill in your most generous gift.
Disaster Relief
Help out! $75.00
Sponsor a Child in Asia Sponsor a Child in North India
Sponsor a Child in Asia

Help out! $25.00/1 month(s)

$25 a month for one year! Help save a child!
Sponsor a Child in North India

Help out! $25.00/1 month(s)

$25 a month for one year! Help save a child!